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Sam Cole, February 2018

MONTH TO 31 JAN 2018 |

The S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index started the year in negative territory, falling 0.39% for January, with Health Care and Information Technology the top-performing sectors.

January is typically a quiet month for stock-specific news flow as corporates take holidays and companies prepare for the February reporting period. Many of our portfolios’ top and bottom performers for the month appeared to move on either external factors, or in the absence of any company-specific news flow.

Ralton Australian Shares portfolio

For the month of January, the portfolio’s overweight to Consumer Discretionary and underweight exposure to Health Care were the key detractors from portfolio returns. Being underweight Financials added relative value to the portfolio.

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Ralton High Yield Australian Shares portfolio

Despite the headwind of a rising AUD, Boral shares continued to rise in January, adding 2.7% to the portfolio. The upcoming first-half profit results will be important as they will represent the first full period during which Boral owned the US Headwaters business.

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Ralton Smaller Companies portfolio

Recent addition Cooper Energy added 12.3% to the portfolio in January. We believe the business offers investors exposure to what we expect will be a sustained lift in gas prices for Australia’s eastern seaboard.

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Ralton Leaders portfolio

The Ralton Leaders portfolio returned -0.41% for the month, essentially in line with the benchmark. At a sector level, being overweight Information Technology added value to the portfolio, offset by our underweight exposure to Health Care.

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