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Insights, August 2019 - Uncategorized
Will Riggall from Ralton Asset Management speaks with Damian Cilmi from Praemium in a video that may change how you think about SMA choices. With an SMA there are many moving parts that can affect how much benefit your client extracts from using an SMA, which after all, is the whole point of using the personalised…
admin, November 2017 - Uncategorized
Executive summary The Chinese government has recognised the need to transition the country’s growth model from debt-driven fixed-asset investment to a more sustainable household consumption model. The Chinese residential property market is now in a recession on key metrics and what we know today is likely being factored in by the financial markets, although the…
admin, November 2017 - Uncategorized
Andrew Stanley, Head of Australian Equities at Ralton Asset Management, sees value in globally exposed industrials that are investing for the future, "Companies that are actually reinvesting to grow their business, even at this point in the cycle, to us are attractive because they will keep growth coming through in years to come." He highlights…
admin, November 2017 - Uncategorized
Ralton has successfully run managed accounts for a long time. As a value manager, Andrew Stanley constantly looks for shares that are mispriced: the turnaround stories, 'fallen angels' or 'unloved' stocks. Watch video