Established in 2006, we are a specialist Australian equities managed accounts provider led by seasoned investor, Will Riggall. With a proven value-oriented approach and a long-term track record of consistent out-performance, we manage portfolios on behalf of retail and institutional clients.

Our investment philosophy is underpinned by 3 key beliefs:

  1. Inefficient markets
  2. ‘Relative value’ approach
  3. Top-down and bottom-up research

Ralton’s Value based investment style incorporates a bottom-up proprietary business valuation investment approach supplemented by top-down thematic overlays to identify the highest quality alpha opportunities in its investment universe. This allows Ralton to construct a portfolio of stocks providing relative-value over an investment time horizon.

“We specialise in managing concentrated, tax-efficient Australian share portfolios and work closely with some of Australia’s leading financial institutions, dealer groups and administration platforms to deliver our investment solutions. In addition, we manage institutional mandates on behalf of organisations and superannuation funds.”

Will Riggall, Portfolio Manager

Partnering with AdviceNet

We are a proud investment management partner of AdviceNet