Managed accounts are not new in the Australian market.

Neither are we.

Australian equity managed accounts specialist

Since 2005, we have built and managed Australian equity separately managed accounts (SMAs) and individually managed accounts (IMAs) for individuals and institutions.

As a dedicated managed accounts specialist, we are not distracted by other investment products. Instead, we maintain an unwavering focus on looking after tax-effective, low-turnover SMA and IMA portfolios which, over the long term, have delivered our clients superior investment outcomes.

Our portfolios

November 2017 There are some subtle but meaningful differences between SMAs and managed funds, according to Andrew Stanley, head of Australian equities, Ralton Asset Management. “The key difference is that in an SMA environment, you’re managing the shares in the client’s own name, whereas in the fund, it’s on a pooled basis, and that actually. Read more...

The S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index broke out of its recent trading range, finishing up 4.02% for October. Ralton Australian Shares portfolio Portfolio holdings Nufarm, Macquarie Atlas Roads and Worley Parsons all participated in M&A activity during the month with equity-funded transactions highlighting the current mood among board rooms for bolt-on transactions. Each deal appears sensible. Read more...

November 2017 The Institute of Managed Account Professionals (IMAP) has announced the establishment of an industry working group to develop data standards for the exchange of managed accounts model data. The firm said platforms and other managed account providers have developed proprietary approaches to providing model data and managers have reported finding it difficult to. Read more...

Managed accounts in demand

“There is no question financial advisers are increasingly turning to managed accounts. As a specialist SMA provider, we have been in the game for over a decade and can attest to the surge in demand. What makes managed accounts a win for advisers? Well, because it’s a win for clients. For investors, SMAs are professionally managed, transparent, tax efficient and directly owned.”

Andrew Stanley
Head of Australian Equities

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